Thank You!

We want to thank all of the community members who helped in putting together the new playground equipment at Eisenhower Elementary this past weekend. A special thanks to the Norton Lions Club. We also want to thank Mr. Roy for organizing the build and for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for the workers. Another special thanks goes to Hutton Construction for helping dig the holes for setting up the playground platforms and pouring the cement for these holes.
The students are really enjoying the new playground equipment. The current sets that are in place include the preschool unit and the K-4 unit. Each unit has a plastic border around it and has rubber mulch to maintain safety for all of our students that use this equipment. There are also several individual pieces that are set up around the area, as new swing sets! Benches are in place under the trees on the west side of the playground for students or teachers.

On October 8, we are hoping to put up the 5-6 grade unit on the north side of the playground area. We will be looking for volunteers once again to help us finish this project. The work of community members has allowed us to save several thousand dollars in labor. This savings can was put toward more playground equipment.

Beginning of School


Enrollment at Eisenhower Elementary will be on Tuesday, August 9, starting at 8:30 am. It will be held in the elementary band room. Classes will start on August 19 at 8:15 a.m. Buses will run as usual and will load and unload in front of the building as in the past. Once the new bus parking area is complete they will move around to the back. 
Junior High School will enroll on August 10 and 11. They will enroll in the Art Room. 8th graders will enroll on the 10th and 7th grade on the 11th. Please park in the north parking lot of the high school near the art room. 
The High School will hold enrollment in the cafeteria on August 10, 11, and 12. Seniors will enroll in the morning and Juniors will enroll in the afternoon. On August 11 the Sophomores will enroll in the morning and the Freshmen in the afternoon. New students and those that missed their original enrollment will enroll on August 12 in the morning. 
Classes will begin on August 19. The high school parking lot should mostly be available. Entry into the buildings may be similar to what it was in the spring. Please watch for additional information as we get closer to the beginning of school. 
We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Kindness Award Winners

Kindness Award winners at Eisenhower from March 29-May 13

K-Layla Maulding, Maddisen Scott, Noah Linner, Camdyn Discuillo, Braylin Linden, Brenden Wilhite, Grace Smith, Eli Wonderly, Jaxon Mertens, Gavin McGee
1-Jaxon Kachel, Kaylee Rutherford, Olivia Graham, Keely Millan, Jarex Rogers, Julie Clavijo, Hudson Wicker and Phillip Wells
2-Gavin Davis, Gunnar Lozar, Kayden Smith, Ashalyne Tallent, Hugo Zavala, Braxton Withington,Emilee Venturella, Tucker Harrington, Derek Clydesdale
3-Alta Kinnaman, Aaron Lewis, Serenity Porter, Trevan Enfield, Grant Buckley, Leeta Gorczyca, Brooklyn Rutherford, Abbie Gassmann
4-Madeline Miller, Graci Davis, Madison Younkin, Jenessa Ruder, Ryann Manning, Mackenzie Clydesdale, Rebekah Seamon, 
5-Jarrett Krehbiel, Aargon Garza, Makale Olliff, Rylan Wildeman, Ethan Brousseau, Brett Smith, Libbi Puga, Heaven Lozar, Trustin Ragland, Gavin Shearer, Anthony Venturella
6-Nataley Schumaker, Cole Kleinschmidt, Jacob Seamon, Haley Schoenberger

Thank You!

A big thank you to the Salvation Army and Red Cross for providing bottled water for our students for tomorrow. 
We are planning on having school tomorrow at USD 211!

Board Work Session Scheduled

The Board of Education of USD 211 will tour the construction work at the various school locations at 6:00 pm on Monday, May 9. The regularly scheduled BOE meeting will convene as scheduled at 7:30  pm in the Board room. 



State Forensics Results:State Championship Team Results:1st Place - Norton Community High School - 369 Points2nd Place - Sterling High School - 337 Points3rd Place - Minneapolis High School - 219 PointsIndividual Placers:Shelby Mulford/Tyus Henson - State Champion - Duet ActingLauren Mordecai/Cale Patterson - 6th Place - Duet ActingRaenee Patterson - State Runner-Up - Informative Speaking Raenee Patterson - 4th Place Original OrationLauren Mordecai - State Runner-Up - Serious SoloKennedy Liebbrandt - State Champion - ImpromptuLayton Miller - 4th Place - ImpromptuTyus Henson - State Runner-Up - Humorous SoloMacayla Kent - State Champion - Serious Solo 


Job Olympics!

Jessie Dawley - 2nd place Laundry
Danielle Spargo - 2nd place Sorting Mail
Paul Whittenburg - 2nd place Automobile Check

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun, Food, and Fitness Night

Eisenhower Elementary 4thgraders along with family members enjoyed a great evening Thursday, April 7thcelebrating Nutrition and Wellness.  The evening consisted of four 20-minute stations that the groups rotated through.  The four stations were:

1)    Fitness Activities (a partner, a small group, and a game) –Importance of fitness and experiencing that Eisenhower Physical Education is about Fun, Fitness, and Learning how to take care of your body.
2)    A Healthy Snack and Food Groups Bingo(playing bingo and winning equipment for family fun while learning facts about the body, my plate and the food activity pyramid)
3)    Speed Stacks (Learning speed stacking, a fun innovative way to improve learning, coordination, and self esteem)
4)    First Aid for Choking (A Presentation and hands on learning the first aid for choking)

 “I want to thank the families and the community volunteers.  Their commitment to support healthy lifestyles sets a great example to the students participating in this program.”

This program is available because of a grant from the KSDE’s   Kansas Health Foundation.

Joan Bolt
Family Fun Night Coordinator
Eisenhower PE and Health Teacher

Forensics Results

The Norton Bluejay Forensics team continues their successful season!

Oakley Forensics Results - Tuesday, March 29

Team Results
1st Place - Quinter
2nd Place - Norton
3rd Place - Hill City

Individual Results
Shelby Mulford/Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Duet (State Qualifier) 
Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Humorous Solo (State Qualifier) 
Macayla Kent - 1st Place - Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Kennedy Leibbrandt - 1st Place - Impromptu (State Qualifier) 
Brian Clavijo - 2nd Place - Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Christine Figurski - 2nd Place - Extemporaneous (New State Qualifier) 
Layton Miller - 2nd Place - Impromptu (New State Qualifier) 
Taryn Kuhn - 2nd Place - Oration (State Qualifier) 
Audrie Burge - 3rd Place - Serious Solo 
Rachel Jones/Layton Miller - 3rd Place - Improvised Duet Acting
Christine Figurski - 3rd Place - Impromptu
Kati Burge - 3rd Place - Prose
Allison Engelbert - 3rd Place - Informative
Hadley Hauser - 3rd Place - Oration 
Rachel Jones - 5th Place - Humorous Solo
Mariah Addington - 5th Place - Informative 
Jena Risewick - 6th Place - Informative 
Reagan Musquiz - 6th Place - Informative 

Taylor Wahlmeier/Kennedy Leibbrandt - 7th Place - Improvised Duet Acting

Smith Center Forensics Results - Thursday, March 31

Team Results
1st Place - Norton
2nd Place - Phillipsburg
3rd Place - Ellis

Individual Results
Lauren Mordecai - 1st Place - Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Humorous Solo (State Qualifier) 
Alma Clavijo - 2nd Place  - Serious Solo (New State Qualifier) 
Shelby Mulford/Tyus Henson - 2nd Place - Duet (State Qualifier) 
Kennedy Leibbrandt - 2nd Place - Extemporaneous (State Qualifier) 
Kennedy Leibbrandt - 2nd Place - Impromptu (State Qualifier) 
Ryan Johnson/Cale Patterson - 2nd Place - IDA (New State Qualifier) 
Callie Uehlin - 2nd Place - Informative (State Qualifier) 
Callie Uehlin - 2nd Place - Oration (State Qualifier) 
Raenee Patterson - 3rd Place - Oration 
Brian Clavijo - 3rd Place - Serious Solo
Jena Risewick - 3rd Place - Informative
Stacie Elliot - 3rd Place - Extemporaneous
Stacie Elliot - 3rd Place - Impromptu
Brionnah Fessler - 4th Place - Oration
Lauren Mordecai/Cale Patterson - 4th Place - Duet
Raenee Patterson - 4th Place - Informative 
Layton Miller - 4th Place - Impromptu
Taylor Wahlmeier - 6th Place - Poetry
Eden Nickell - 7th Place - Prose

Early Dismissal

The High School will dismiss at 2:45 on April 8 for the track meet here at Norton. 
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