Students Make a Difference

by Nugget reporter Alma Clavijo

Student Focus Group is made up of students randomly selected by Rudy Perez, the NCHS principal, who talk about how they can make the school a better place for the students. When a student sees something they want to change, they talk to the kids in student focus group and give them the ideas. The students involved in student focus group are seniors: Tevin Brown, Taylor Dicks, Weston Erbert, Brionnah Fessler, and Lauren Mordecai; juniors: Shaniah Burns, Kristin Dole, Koby McEwen, Layton Miller, and Jena Risewick; sophomores: Ryan Johnson, Cale Patterson, Jace Ruder, Nicole Thrailkill, and Callie Uehlin; and freshmen: Katie Burge, Leah David, Scott Sansom, Madison Stephens, and Brady Sumner. There are no requirements involved, but a person has to be involved. Perez has done this for five years and he started it because he “..wanted to get kids involved that may not be involved in Athletics and show them that their opinion matters.”
At Perez’s  past school he started this group and called it Principal’s Council/Leadership, but he changed it to Student Focus Group so the focus is on the students. They openly discuss issues and they can negotiate to change them. Some things that they have changed are minor buybacks (a student with one detention is able to buy it back so they don’t have to take finals), water bottles, cell phone policy,  and the bookbag trial. The group wants to put a water bottle filling unit that works with the school’s water fountain system, so they held a fundraiser.  Kids in student focus group need to attend the meetings, give their input, and sometimes they need to work concessions. In student focus group Lauren Mordecai, a senior, said that they, “...brainstorm new ideas to improve our school.”

The following are the dates when they meet:
Tuesday, September 1-AP
Tuesday, September 22-AP
Thursday, October 22-AP
Thursday, November 20-AP
Friday, December 17-AP
Thursday, January 21-AP
Thursday, February 11-AP
Wednesday, March 16, AP
Wednesday, April 20-AP

Monday, May 9-AP