Mexican Independence Day and the Spanish Spelling Bee

by Nugget reporter Piper Lee Smith

Mexican Independence Day was on September 16th. It is the day that Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1810 when a small group of people decided to revolt against the Spanish government, and it is one of their biggest celebrations. Mrs. Lane said, “That day in class, Spanish I watched and read about the history of Mexican Independence Day, and Spanish II got to listen to a recording of the history in Spanish.”
Another activity held was the Spanish Spelling Bee. A Spanish Spelling Bee is just like a regular spelling bee, except instead of English words the students are given words that they have learned from Spanish I and II. “I wish more students would show up and participate, but I am still pleased with the outcome. I’m also very proud of how well everyone did and that it takes a lot of guts to be up there in front of everyone.” said Mrs. Lane.