Fall into Drama

by Christine Figurski

As fall approaches, the drama kids are starting their engines and racing to the very start of play practice. The cast list decided, those in the club can’t wait to start on what is bound to be an amazing production. The NCHS drama club is proud to present The Green Bird. A sequel to The Love of Three Oranges, the school’s 2013 production, it’s a tale of curses, crazy birds, and talking statues. Many, many statues. Director Brandon Gay wants the community of Norton to know, ”I think that the play should be a lot of fun and there's a lot of unique things we're going to do with set and costumes and light and sound. Students seem to be really enjoying it and that should translate into a fun production.” Despite the lack of male actors, Brandon has managed to find a play that suits the skills and strengths of every actor and abundance of actresses. Behind the scenes we see Candice Gay using her fantastic artistic abilities to create and put together beautiful costumes and amazing scenery. Together the Norton drama club is able to produce an entertaining play for all ages. This year’s production will be held on November 14 and 15, 2015. Don’t forget to save the date and experience one of the funniest and strangest productions Norton has to offer!