New Student Body at NCHS

by Nugget Reporter Piper Lee Smith

This year at NCHS we have twelve new students. They are seniors Alex Hjort, and Belen Barragan, juniors Verenis Barragan, and Brendon Martin, sophomores Valerie Geringer, Morgan Wright, and Autumn Murphy, and freshmen Shaelin Beckstrom, Micah Kasson, Cody Sorenson, Carrah Christensen, and Scott Sansom.
Our new students come from many places. Cody, Morgan, and Micah all transferred from Northern Valley in Almena. Verenis and Belen came from our rival school, Smith Center. Brendon is from Western Plains. Shaelin is from Horrace J. Good Middle School in Garden City. Valerie is from LaCrosse High School. Alex transferred from Arapahoe, Nebraska. Scott came from Logan. Carrah comes to us from McPherson Middle School, and Autumn Murphy came all the way from Casey County High School in Liberty, Kentucky!
Our new students are already active in our organizations. Autumn is in choir; Scott is in FFA, Scholars Bowl, and SADD; Morgan is in KAY and later on wishes to join Forensics; Micah is in Scholars Bowl, KAY, Blue Crew, she also signed up for Drama Club and wishes to apart of the Forensics and Track team later on in the year. Belen is in FCCLA; Verenis wants to be the basketball manager; Shaelin is in FFA and in her later years at NCHS hopes to be in National Honor Society. Valerie is in Blue Crew; Alex is on the Football team and in FFA; Brendon, Cody, and Carrah, aren’t quite sure just what they want to do yet.
When asked what they like most about NCHS they said:  
Brendon Martin, “The people.”
Carrah Christensen, “It’s smaller, and more relaxed.”
Morgan Wright, “The accepting people.”
Micah Kasson, “I like how much they work to support people, and the school spirit; just the general community.”
Shaeilin Beckstrom, “The nice teachers.”
Valerie Geringer, “The people.”
Alex Hjort, “Probably, the teachers.”
Verenis Barragan, “Lunch with Kristen Dole, Brian Clavijo, and my sister.”
Scott Sansom, “There is a lot of opportunities and we have great teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for you.”
Autumn Murphy, “The friendly staff and students.”
Cody Sorenson, “I like that there is lots of students.”
Belen Barragan, “Kristen Dole.”