New Teachers at NCHS

by Nugget Reporter Morgan Wright
We are excited to welcome the new teachers of NCHS! Staci Montgomery taught at Northern Valley for twenty-three years. She taught 6th grade for five years, Junior High English and history for eight years, and high school English for ten years. Her favorite part about NCHS is positive attitudes, great kids, and lots of opportunities for successful students. Montgomery teaches three Sophomore English classes, English for Seniors, Journalism (Yearbook) and has tutorial class. She also has time to be a part of KAY as the assistant sponsor.
Kayne Spooner also came from Northern Valley. She taught there for eight years and also taught at Evergreen High School in Colorado. Spooner said, “It was a great experience to have taught [in Colorado.]” She enjoys teaching at NCHS because of the students enthusiasm, and the other teachers. She is also a sponsor for the sophomores and the juniors. She also teaches Chemistry 1-2 and Physics. Spooner had been thinking about “coming to NCHS for multiple years.”
Brent Orme has taught at many schools which include Ansley, Nebraska; Brush, Colorado; Holdrege, Nebraska; Alliance, Nebraska; Brookville, Kansas; and Palco, Kansas. Orme’s favorite part about NCHS is how, “...the school is supported by the community.” He is the assistant coach for JH football and JH girls’ basketball. On top of the activities, Orme also teaches freshman P.E, Sociology, and Geography. Orme has been to Norton before and it seemed like a good location. “It was easy to make the decision,” said Orme.
Holly Vanskike taught at Junction City Middle School for two years, and at Skyline for one year. Holly said her favorite part about NCHS is her enjoyment of the students and teachers, and how easy it is to get along with them. She is the scholar's bowl assistant coach. She teaches general science and algebra concepts,
Sunny McEwen taught at Eisenhower Elementary School in Norton before coming to the high school. She has also taught at Hillsboro, KS; Cheney, KS; and Leoti, KS. McEwen’s favorite part about moving to the high school is not worrying about recess. She also likes to see her new students compete in different activities. She teaches freshman and senior English.