Mexican Independence Day and the Spanish Spelling Bee

by Nugget reporter Piper Lee Smith

Mexican Independence Day was on September 16th. It is the day that Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1810 when a small group of people decided to revolt against the Spanish government, and it is one of their biggest celebrations. Mrs. Lane said, “That day in class, Spanish I watched and read about the history of Mexican Independence Day, and Spanish II got to listen to a recording of the history in Spanish.”
Another activity held was the Spanish Spelling Bee. A Spanish Spelling Bee is just like a regular spelling bee, except instead of English words the students are given words that they have learned from Spanish I and II. “I wish more students would show up and participate, but I am still pleased with the outcome. I’m also very proud of how well everyone did and that it takes a lot of guts to be up there in front of everyone.” said Mrs. Lane.

Students Make a Difference

by Nugget reporter Alma Clavijo

Student Focus Group is made up of students randomly selected by Rudy Perez, the NCHS principal, who talk about how they can make the school a better place for the students. When a student sees something they want to change, they talk to the kids in student focus group and give them the ideas. The students involved in student focus group are seniors: Tevin Brown, Taylor Dicks, Weston Erbert, Brionnah Fessler, and Lauren Mordecai; juniors: Shaniah Burns, Kristin Dole, Koby McEwen, Layton Miller, and Jena Risewick; sophomores: Ryan Johnson, Cale Patterson, Jace Ruder, Nicole Thrailkill, and Callie Uehlin; and freshmen: Katie Burge, Leah David, Scott Sansom, Madison Stephens, and Brady Sumner. There are no requirements involved, but a person has to be involved. Perez has done this for five years and he started it because he “..wanted to get kids involved that may not be involved in Athletics and show them that their opinion matters.”
At Perez’s  past school he started this group and called it Principal’s Council/Leadership, but he changed it to Student Focus Group so the focus is on the students. They openly discuss issues and they can negotiate to change them. Some things that they have changed are minor buybacks (a student with one detention is able to buy it back so they don’t have to take finals), water bottles, cell phone policy,  and the bookbag trial. The group wants to put a water bottle filling unit that works with the school’s water fountain system, so they held a fundraiser.  Kids in student focus group need to attend the meetings, give their input, and sometimes they need to work concessions. In student focus group Lauren Mordecai, a senior, said that they, “...brainstorm new ideas to improve our school.”

The following are the dates when they meet:
Tuesday, September 1-AP
Tuesday, September 22-AP
Thursday, October 22-AP
Thursday, November 20-AP
Friday, December 17-AP
Thursday, January 21-AP
Thursday, February 11-AP
Wednesday, March 16, AP
Wednesday, April 20-AP

Monday, May 9-AP

KAY Club Honors Our Veterans

by Nugget Reporter Brionnah Fessler
On September 18th, the NCHS KAY club helped show it’s appreciation to the local veterans by hosting a meal in their honor. The veteran’s dinner started as an Area 4 project last year when the KAY club had to do a service for military members or veterans. “We chose to host it in their honor,” sponsor Laura Fugate said. It has been held by the club for two years. It was at the 4-H building last year, but because of some complications it was hosted in the cafeteria this year. About forty-five people from the community showed up. The veterans enjoyed fried chicken and cheesy potatoes catered by Town and Country and the sides were made by KAY members.

Blue Crew

by Nugget reporter Morgan Wright

Blue Crew is a group of students who dress to attend athletic events and cheer on their team. Steve Vance is the Blue Crew sponsor who started the group two years ago. Each game, Vance thinks up a theme and that's how they dress up for the game. Vance said his favorite theme is when all the students go all out in blue and yellow. The reason for starting Blue Crew was the lack of student involvement in the school activities. Blue Crew normally averages around 120 kids each year.

Homecoming Is Coming!

by Nugget Reporter Blair Wood
Homecoming is fast approaching, and Norton High School goes all out. Spirit week is next week and the days are going to be interesting. Monday will be Superhero or Villain day. Tuesday will be any decade day so dress like the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Wednesday will be Duo/Twin Day. Thursday will be Class Color Day; Freshman are Purple, Sophomores are Red, Juniors are Pink, Seniors are Black and Faulty are Grey. Norton High School also hangs posters downtown and has a door decorating contest which will be judged on Monday afternoon.The art students make really cool posters. The APB’s classes come up with some cool ideas for the doors. On October 1, the night before the big game, a bonfire will be held at Elmwood Park from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m.

A dance will be held on homecoming night after the football game. The crown bears are Serenity Urban and Braylyn Brooks. The candidates for Royalty are James Berry, Gavin Lively, Jordan Dole, Tevin Brown, Casey Ambrosier, Molly Maddy, Lauren Mordecai, and Shelby Mulford. Who will be Crown King and Queen? Find out this coming Friday, October 2, 2015.

Fall into Drama

by Christine Figurski

As fall approaches, the drama kids are starting their engines and racing to the very start of play practice. The cast list decided, those in the club can’t wait to start on what is bound to be an amazing production. The NCHS drama club is proud to present The Green Bird. A sequel to The Love of Three Oranges, the school’s 2013 production, it’s a tale of curses, crazy birds, and talking statues. Many, many statues. Director Brandon Gay wants the community of Norton to know, ”I think that the play should be a lot of fun and there's a lot of unique things we're going to do with set and costumes and light and sound. Students seem to be really enjoying it and that should translate into a fun production.” Despite the lack of male actors, Brandon has managed to find a play that suits the skills and strengths of every actor and abundance of actresses. Behind the scenes we see Candice Gay using her fantastic artistic abilities to create and put together beautiful costumes and amazing scenery. Together the Norton drama club is able to produce an entertaining play for all ages. This year’s production will be held on November 14 and 15, 2015. Don’t forget to save the date and experience one of the funniest and strangest productions Norton has to offer!

New Student Body at NCHS

by Nugget Reporter Piper Lee Smith

This year at NCHS we have twelve new students. They are seniors Alex Hjort, and Belen Barragan, juniors Verenis Barragan, and Brendon Martin, sophomores Valerie Geringer, Morgan Wright, and Autumn Murphy, and freshmen Shaelin Beckstrom, Micah Kasson, Cody Sorenson, Carrah Christensen, and Scott Sansom.
Our new students come from many places. Cody, Morgan, and Micah all transferred from Northern Valley in Almena. Verenis and Belen came from our rival school, Smith Center. Brendon is from Western Plains. Shaelin is from Horrace J. Good Middle School in Garden City. Valerie is from LaCrosse High School. Alex transferred from Arapahoe, Nebraska. Scott came from Logan. Carrah comes to us from McPherson Middle School, and Autumn Murphy came all the way from Casey County High School in Liberty, Kentucky!
Our new students are already active in our organizations. Autumn is in choir; Scott is in FFA, Scholars Bowl, and SADD; Morgan is in KAY and later on wishes to join Forensics; Micah is in Scholars Bowl, KAY, Blue Crew, she also signed up for Drama Club and wishes to apart of the Forensics and Track team later on in the year. Belen is in FCCLA; Verenis wants to be the basketball manager; Shaelin is in FFA and in her later years at NCHS hopes to be in National Honor Society. Valerie is in Blue Crew; Alex is on the Football team and in FFA; Brendon, Cody, and Carrah, aren’t quite sure just what they want to do yet.
When asked what they like most about NCHS they said:  
Brendon Martin, “The people.”
Carrah Christensen, “It’s smaller, and more relaxed.”
Morgan Wright, “The accepting people.”
Micah Kasson, “I like how much they work to support people, and the school spirit; just the general community.”
Shaeilin Beckstrom, “The nice teachers.”
Valerie Geringer, “The people.”
Alex Hjort, “Probably, the teachers.”
Verenis Barragan, “Lunch with Kristen Dole, Brian Clavijo, and my sister.”
Scott Sansom, “There is a lot of opportunities and we have great teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for you.”
Autumn Murphy, “The friendly staff and students.”
Cody Sorenson, “I like that there is lots of students.”
Belen Barragan, “Kristen Dole.”

Jay Singers Starting a New Year

by Nugget Reporter Brionnah Fessler
One of the many music organizations available at NCHS is Jay Singers. The Jay Singers have started preparing their show for the first vocal concert. The Norton show choir has also had some tough times already this year. They only have three boys. They have to overcome the lack of parts and choose music to match. The vocal director and Jay Singer sponsor, Ms. Cochran, said, “It’s not about being new or an upperclassmen. It’s about being a Jay Singer!” They have yet to decide this year’s Java Jive theme, but it will be chosen soon. The Jay Singer value card sales have begun, so purchase one and help support the Norton Jay Singers!

Weekly Sports Updates

by Nugget Reporter Kyle Bell

Football: September 18, 2015
vs. Oakley W. 27-7

Volleyball: September 17, 2015
vs. Goodland L. 13-25, 27-29
vs. Dundy County L. 22-25, 7-25
                September 22, 2015
vs. Stockton L. 11-25, 15-25
vs. Phillipsburg W. 15-25, 25-15, 25-22

Cross Country @ Wamego:
September 12, 2015
Boys: 4th
Medal Winners: 
Ryan Thrailkill- 6th
    Cale Patterson- 9th
Girls: 2nd
Medal Winners:
Casey Ambrosier- 16th
     Raenee Patterson- 23rd
    Molly Maddy- 25th
     Allision Engelbert- 33rd
Nicole Thrailkill- 24th

New Teachers at NCHS

by Nugget Reporter Morgan Wright
We are excited to welcome the new teachers of NCHS! Staci Montgomery taught at Northern Valley for twenty-three years. She taught 6th grade for five years, Junior High English and history for eight years, and high school English for ten years. Her favorite part about NCHS is positive attitudes, great kids, and lots of opportunities for successful students. Montgomery teaches three Sophomore English classes, English for Seniors, Journalism (Yearbook) and has tutorial class. She also has time to be a part of KAY as the assistant sponsor.
Kayne Spooner also came from Northern Valley. She taught there for eight years and also taught at Evergreen High School in Colorado. Spooner said, “It was a great experience to have taught [in Colorado.]” She enjoys teaching at NCHS because of the students enthusiasm, and the other teachers. She is also a sponsor for the sophomores and the juniors. She also teaches Chemistry 1-2 and Physics. Spooner had been thinking about “coming to NCHS for multiple years.”
Brent Orme has taught at many schools which include Ansley, Nebraska; Brush, Colorado; Holdrege, Nebraska; Alliance, Nebraska; Brookville, Kansas; and Palco, Kansas. Orme’s favorite part about NCHS is how, “...the school is supported by the community.” He is the assistant coach for JH football and JH girls’ basketball. On top of the activities, Orme also teaches freshman P.E, Sociology, and Geography. Orme has been to Norton before and it seemed like a good location. “It was easy to make the decision,” said Orme.
Holly Vanskike taught at Junction City Middle School for two years, and at Skyline for one year. Holly said her favorite part about NCHS is her enjoyment of the students and teachers, and how easy it is to get along with them. She is the scholar's bowl assistant coach. She teaches general science and algebra concepts,
Sunny McEwen taught at Eisenhower Elementary School in Norton before coming to the high school. She has also taught at Hillsboro, KS; Cheney, KS; and Leoti, KS. McEwen’s favorite part about moving to the high school is not worrying about recess. She also likes to see her new students compete in different activities. She teaches freshman and senior English.