Construction Update

Classes will start on Friday, August 19, in all of the district buildings. Please watch for information concerning which entrances to use and where to park at each facility. We will start on August 19. Currently we plan to be back into the office areas on or around August 12. 

Cabinets in the Junior High office

Bus Drive and Parking lot at Eisenhower

Cabinets at Eisenhower office

Carpet at the Eisenhower office


Building Update

Plans are in place to move into the remodeled and new office areas around August 12. Classes will start on time, on August 19. Buses at Eisenhower will unload in front of the building until the new bus entry is completed on the west side of Eisenhower. 
Below are a few pictures from this week.

Cabinets for Science Room

Science room and office cabinets

Junior High Office area

Junior High Office area

Brick work outside of Junior High Office
Front Entry of the Junior High


Project Update

July 15, 2016

At this time the first phase of the building and remodel project is still on schedule. If everthing continues as is we will have our offices ready for occupancy on August 12. We may still need to make some temporary changes to parking and entry ways until the driveway in front of Stull gym and the Junior High are completed. 
We will be getting information out to parents and staff soon on where to go for enrollment. These will most likely take place in the cafeteria's and the Art room at the high school 
The new locker rooms behind Stull gym are behind schedule but they are getting caught up. Work also continues on the new gym at Eisenhower. The north bathrooms at Eisenhower are quite a ways behind schedule but work on them will begin soon. 
There will be a lot of work taking place at the construction sites between now and August 5. We will have several subcontractors on site at the same time the next three weeks. 
Below I have included some photos of the project. 

Hallway at Eisenhower office

Concessions area inside of Stull Entry Lobby

Walls going up at the High School Locker rooms/Shelters
EE Gym/Shelter This is not the final color. Only a sealent!

Entry and Overhang at JH Office


More Construction Photos

Drywall in Eisenhower office area
Metal studwalls in EES
EES Conference Room
Sealant on Gym Shelter
Front of Stull gym putting in steel roof beams
Roof going on JH Office addition


Inside Gym/Shelter

Building Update

The building project is well  on it's wa to completion. Work continues at all of the project sites. The tightest timeline is at the Eisenhower office remodel and the Junior High and High School office remodels. We really need to have those completed by the start of school 
Work continues on the gym/storm shelter at Eisenhower as well as the front of Stull gym and the Locker room/Shelters in the back. All but the locker rooms is still on schedule. I have included a few pictures if anyone has not been able to see the work that is completed thus far. 

High School office area

Concessions area in Stull Entry
Sealant on the Gym/Shelter Exterior Walls
Stull Gym Entry

Gym/Storm Shelter Going Up


Construction Update

The building construction continues on schedule. The crews are pouring footings at Eisenhower and at the junior high office area. Dirt work has also begun behind Stull gym in preperation for construction of the locker room/shelters. The first block for construction of walls at Eisenhower are now being stored on site. 
With good weather the construction should continue on schedule.

Footings being poured behind Eisenhower and block being unloaded at the Eisenhower site. 

Construction Underway at

Eisenhower and the Junior High!

Dirt work and demolition are underway at Eisenhower Elementary and the Junior High School. The contractors are leveling and compacting the soil for the new buildings that are going up at these locations. The footings are being dug this week at both locations. 
Next week the power will be off at both locations as the final transfer to the new transformers takes place and the new water and gas lines are put to work. This will take place during spring break so students will not be affected. 
The demolition work inside of the Stull gym lobby is also going well. The demolition crews have cleared out the restrooms and anything of value has been salvaged. 
Thus far everything continues to be on schedule. Please be careful when driving around the schools as we have a lot of construction traffic as well as student traffic every day. 
Unloading gravel at Eisenhower
Unloading steel at Stull gym. 

Project Work at the Junior High

The construction project has begun at the junior high with the removal of sidewalks and part of the parking lot in front of the building. This area has been fenced off and will remain fenced off throughout the project. Work will soon begin at Eisenhower Elementary on the west side of the building. Sidewalks and trees will also be moved there. This area will also be fenced off to protect students from entering the construction area. 

Construction to Begin
Starting on Monday, February 22, work will begin on our building projects at Norton Community Schools. The first phase will be fencing of the construction areas at the high school, junior high, and Eisenhower Elementary. The parking lot in front of the junior high will be blocked and access to the front of the junior high school will be limited. There will be limited parking spaces in the high school parking lot for people coming to the junior high or high school. Please enter the Junior High through the south entry of the junior high.
Starting March 7, parking will also be more limited in front of Stull gym. Access to the front of Stull gym will be limited as well. Please be careful when driving in this area.

Access at the front of Eisenhower will remain the same at this time as most of work will be to the west of the building. There will be limited access to the west of Eisenhower Elementary starting on Monday, February 22.
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